Cheesy Twists

It’s Christmas Eve! Where did the year go? I hope you’re all prepared for Christmas! Here is my recipe for cheesy twists, simple to make, and perfect for festive nibbles or party food. Continue reading


Simple Star-Topped Mince Pies

Mince pies, a spicy and citrussy dried fruit mixture wrapped in crumbly pasty, are one of the most popular Christmas traditions in Britain and I couldn’t miss the chance to include them on my blog. This is my extremely easy recipe for this delicious festive treat. Continue reading

Victorian Mixed Berry Turnover

We had an unpleasant surprise in the kitchen this morning. Our fridge/freezer had been accidently turned off at the plug (not pointing a finger at anyone in particular…) and overnight everything inside had been slowly defrosting. Realising we had a surplus of food to use up, I quickly tried to think of something speedy and simple I could make. Flicking through my trusty collection of Mrs Beeton’s recipes (from her 1861 Book of Household Management), I came across one entitled “Fruit Turnovers (Suitable for Picnics)”. Perfect to use up the thawed puff pastry and mixed berries! I adapted the recipe slightly to create my own modern version of this simple, but tasty, pastry.

Continue reading