No-Churn Blackberry Ice Cream

I had always thought that an ice cream maker was a necessity in order to make ice cream at home, and therefore, not owning an ice cream maker, I ruled out making it. However, making no churn ice cream without an ice cream maker is so unbelievably easy, using only a few ingredients. I can’t believe I’d never tried it before! For my first dabble in ice cream making, I decided to use blackberries, a delicious hedgerow fruit, to create a perfect auntumnal (or fall!) dessert, and make the most of the warm (for now…) weather. Continue reading


Peach Sorbet

Peaches are a perfect summer fruit and are at their peak right now as we come towards the end of summer. I wanted to find a delicious recipe that would take advantage of this, and uncovered a recipe for Peach Sorbet in an old family recipe book. I have altered it slightly to create what I’m sure will become a firm favourite summer dessert. Continue reading