Nectarine Streuselkuchen

Using nectarines, this streuselkitchen makes a wonderful summer dessert and can be easily adapted with other fruit to cater for different times of the year. This is based on a recipe from a bread machine cookbook, however you do not a bread machine to make it. Continue reading


Victoria Sandwich

Hi there! Welcome to my blog.
I have just finished a degree in History and Music and find myself with much more free time than I am used to. I decided to use it to pursue two passions of mine: history and baking! I love baking (and eating) cakes and other sweet treats and thought I could combine this with my interest in history (I am racking my brains for a way I can include my love of music too!). In each post I will focus on a particular baked good, some well-known and some more obscure, write a little about its history and provide my own modern adaption of a recipe so anyone can make it at home.  I hope you enjoy!

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