A Cake Mistake

This wasn’t the post I had intended to upload. I was planning to write a nice post and recipe for a simple birthday cake, yet it would seem that my cake had other plans.

img_0211-2It was just a simple sponge cake, something I had made successfully many times. Yet, for some unknown reason, this time when I removed it from the oven, it was overcooked and burning around the edges. No way was this good enough to serve as someone’s birthday cake.

My grandma used to say that her cakes always turned out the way she was feeling, and I think this must have applied to me too. I was not having a good day so I suppose it was no surprise that the cake came out how I was feeling; a little flat and a bit of a mess. I was about to thow the failed cake away in a huff, but then decide it would be better to try and find some alternative use for the bits of cake that were salvagable.

I cut off the worst of the burned bits, and using a circular cutter, cut out some small circles. I cut these circles in half and sandwiched the halves together with jam. Finally, I whipped up some buttercream icing and spread in over the top of the mini cakes, adding some smarties for decoration.

These mini cakes actually turned out pretty well, considering the circumstances. And they also tasted good! img_0213-2

Hopefully my next bake will tun out better…



11 thoughts on “A Cake Mistake

  1. Brilliant! You are a Baking Hero.

    I completely agree with your grandmother. In fact, when some of my baking doesn’t turn out, I always think of that gorgeous Danish film “Babette’s Feast”, where the villagers experience the same emotions Babette was feeling when they eat her cooking/baking.

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  2. Cute and nice recovery! Yep, still happens to me after 15 years of baking too many cakes to count. I like your Grandma’s saying… I think she’s right. I was usually distracted by something when it happened. Cake bits also make wonderful trifle! We ate a lot of trifles too… .:) soldier on!

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