Blackberry Muffins

As autumn properly gets under way, the blackberry season draws to a close. I thought I’d have one more blackberry recipe on the blog before moving on to more autumnal/wintry food. Blackberries are the perfect addition to these muffins, which are not very sweet and can be used as a breakfast muffin. Continue reading


Yellow Courgette (Zucchini) Soup

Although normally a green colour, courgettes also come in a golden yellow colour which makes for a very attractive soup. We have a very successful yellow courgette plant in our garden which has been giving us crops for a couple of months. This recipe for soup is perfect for using up courgettes, be they yellow or green! Continue reading

No-Churn Blackberry Ice Cream

I had always thought that an ice cream maker was a necessity in order to make ice cream at home, and therefore, not owning an ice cream maker, I ruled out making it. However, making no churn ice cream without an ice cream maker is so unbelievably easy, using only a few ingredients. I can’t believe I’d never tried it before! For my first dabble in ice cream making, I decided to use blackberries, a delicious hedgerow fruit, to create a perfect auntumnal (or fall!) dessert, and make the most of the warm (for now…) weather. Continue reading

Victoria Plum Jam

Making plum jam each late summer/early autumn has turned into a bit of a tradition in our household and we aim to make enough jars to last us the whole year. My mum began making it years ago and has perfected a recipe to create the most delicious jam which she has taught me. Victoria plums are in season right now and many believe that these make the best jam. However jam can of course be made with any sort of plums, even those bought out of season from the supermarket. Continue reading