Second Servings: A historic birthday celebration at Wimpole Hall

Hi everyone! With this post I am starting a new section of my blog entitled “Second Servings” where I talk about all sorts of things history and/or food related. I hope that you find this just as interesting! Plus, this post still involves cake which must be a good thing. Continue reading


Brazilian Chocolate Brigadeiros

I loved watching the Rio Olympics (and seeing the success of Great Britain!) and I decided to try baking something Brazilian in honour of the games. I know that the Olympics actually finished last week, but we still have the Paralympics to look forward to, and everyone (at least here in Britian) is still riding on the wave of joy that the Olympics seemed to bring! This is a slightly different recipe to usual, but I hope you find just as interesting and delicious. Continue reading

Madeira Cake

A classic English sponge cake, madeira cake is very simple to make. It is quite plain, has a firm texture and is flavoured with the most subtle hint of lemon or orange. I have based my recipe on one of the earliest published recipes by Eliza Acton in her 1845 Modern Cookery for Private Families. Continue reading


Peach Sorbet

Peaches are a perfect summer fruit and are at their peak right now as we come towards the end of summer. I wanted to find a delicious recipe that would take advantage of this, and uncovered a recipe for Peach Sorbet in an old family recipe book. I have altered it slightly to create what I’m sure will become a firm favourite summer dessert. Continue reading


Lemon Welsh Cakes

I have just returned home from a family holiday in Wales, which has inspired me to bake a delicious tea-time treat that I tried for the first time while in Wales; Welsh Cakes (or Pice ar y maen). Full of dried fruit, mixed spice, and my own addition of lemon, these are an extremely tasty snack that I am really excited about and will be making again and again! Continue reading